The State of Colorado – State Capitol Dome Restoration

The State of Colorado – State Capitol Dome Restoration

  • The first time scaffolding has been erected on the Capitol roof
  • Completion marked reopening of the Capitol’s observation deck
  • Cast iron elements in the dome’s drum and support structure were sandblasted, repaired and repainted
  • Lead paint removed
  • Historic windows removed for restoration
  • Window frames repaired
  • Dome’s copper substrate replaced by a new copper roof
  • Dome regilded for the fourth time (the last time was 1991)
  • Project prompted by deterioration of cast iron elements, leading to one falling off the dome
  • Glass in globe atop dome repaired and replaced
  • Quinn Evans Architects worked on restoration of the Michigan State Capitol, also designed by Elijah E. Myers, architect of the Colorado State Capitol

Denver, CO


State of Colorado


35,000 SF Cast Iron
7,000 SF Dome Roof


$16.2 million


In association with Christman Co.
The design team of Martin/Martin Inc.
Quinn Evans Architects
Humphries Poli Architects