The State of Colorado – State Capitol Dome Restoration

Location Denver, Colorado
Client State of Colorado
Size 35,000 SF cast iron; 7,000 SF dome roof
Cost $16.2 million
Architect In association with the Christman Co. (Lansing, Michigan) and the design team of Martin/Martin Inc. (Lakewood, Colorado), Quinn Evans Architects (Ann Arbor, Michigan), and Humphries Poli Architects (Denver, Colorado)
  • The first time scaffolding has been erected on the Capitol roof
  • Completion marked reopening of the Capitol’s observation deck
  • Cast iron elements in the dome’s drum and support structure were sandblasted, repaired and repainted
  • Lead paint removed
  • Historic windows removed for restoration
  • Window frames repaired
  • Dome’s copper substrate replaced by a new copper roof
  • Dome regilded for the fourth time (the last time was 1991)
  • Project prompted by deterioration of cast iron elements, leading to one falling off the dome
  • Glass in globe atop dome repaired and replaced
  • Quinn Evans Architects worked on restoration of the Michigan State Capitol, also designed by Elijah E. Myers, architect of the Colorado State Capitol