Case Study: CU Boulder Dal Ward Center

Challenge: CU Boulder chose GH Phipps to construct its Dal Ward Center, a new addition to the stadium,  which houses athletics facilities, locker rooms and dining accommodations. Due to the seasonal use of the stadium, the time available to build was very limited. 

Solution: GH Phipps collaborated with the Architect and structural engineer in order to change the structural systems in order to accelerate the project to be constructed in the first available time frame between athletic seasons. The hybrid system included precast tilt panel foundation walls, precast infill framing up to elevation for the 2 levels below grade/walk out, and X braced steel superstructure on top of the precast. The building was erected in 1/3rd sections and topped out each time due to limited crane access.  Structural components were procured using unit costs basis before design was progressed.  

Exceptional Building Experience: The innovative thinking behind the hybrid approach to the facility allowed GH Phipps to complete the project one year earlier than expected.