Belleview Station “Block E”

Belleview Station “Block E”

GH Phipps Concrete has partnered with Prime West Companies, Gensler and the Wietz Company to build at Belleview Station Development. A new addition to the Belleview Station Development is a Core and Shell Level II Office building with ground level retail, 5 levels of elevated parking garage, 1 level of underground parking, ground level retail space, and a 15-story office complex. GH Phipps was responsible for the core wall structure, perimeter basement walls, ramp walls and all slab pours throughout the structure.

  • 394,375SF Building Area
  • 474,299 SF Garage Area
  • 27,500 CY Concrete
  • Free Standing Concrete cores reaching 235’-0” high
  • 369,299 SF Mild-Reinforced Precast Topped Decks
  • 394,375 SF Mild-Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Slab-On-Metal-Decks
  • 105,000 SF Slab on Grade
  • 15-Story Office Complex

Denver, CO


Prime West/The Weitz Co.


868,674 SF


$11 million


Gensler Architects Denver, CO