GH Phipps and the True Builder Mentality

Construction is a people first business that requires a combination of technical expertise and an understanding of our client’s business needs. Whether we’re evaluating a site for a new build, investigating an existing property as a value investment or looking at completing tenant improvements, the True Builder Mentality of our employee owners helps unlock value for you.

At GH Phipps, we’re honored to play an important role of building, revitalizing and preserving the public realm of Denver’s built environment. Our Project Managers and Superintendents are experts on today’s building systems, and they have a thorough understanding of the building techniques of preceding decades. By utilizing this knowledge, we can take advantage of savings and efficiencies others don’t see.

What Does a True Builder Bring to the Table?  

Superintendents who have advanced through the field as apprentice carpenters understand the importance of building efficiently and correctly. Preconstruction and Project Managers that have spent time as Superintendents understand how to find opportunities that create value without compromising quality and know how to build fast.

We look at projects in several stages: Concept, Design to GMP, Construction and Occupancy. At every stage, we bring the True Builder Mentality to the table in order to optimize your project for smart first costs that build long term value, and provide you assets that perform.

On two recent office building projects in Cherry Creek, we worked closely with the team to reconfigure the foundations and underground parking to meet the project needs while eliminating a level of excavation and reducing the need for permanent dewatering. The resultant savings were able to be invested into income producing assets.

Our Special Projects Division was recently awarded two $2 million bid projects at a secure office building on the 16th Street Mall. After sitting down with the owner and design team, we were able to resequence the renovations and MEP upgrades for greater efficiency, allowing the owner to complete additional scope for the same budget.

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