chris bantner : chief operating officer

prCOOChrisBantner.jpgWhen Chris joined GH Phipps as Chief Operating Officer, he brought with him more than 25 years of construction leadership development and executive-level experience.

Chris is a key member of Phipps’ executive team and helps establish strategy for the company. He is responsible for overseeing all operations at Phipps, including all areas of mainline construction operations, special projects, concrete, and the company’s construction equipment resources.

Bantner earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Political Science, from the University of Nebraska at Omaha/Lincoln. He grew up in Nebraska -- and in the construction business. His family owned a flatwork concrete company, and Bantner worked there as a concrete finisher throughout high school and college. He soon joined an international construction company, rising through the project management side to eventually serve as Senior Vice President while managing major projects in education, commercial, and civic sectors.

“GH Phipps is a Front Range contractor, and I’ve been impressed with the reputation Phipps has had in the market. People always have something good to say about how they build their projects and how they treat their people. They’ve shown good, healthy competition, and have built a great reputation in this market."

Chris is married, has two children, and lives in Arvada.