Children’s Hospital Colorado East Tower Addition 

The East Tower Addition is a 10-story expansion to the existing Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, along with a 1-story west expansion and a 3-story west expansion. The East Tower project -- 170,452 square feet of new construction and 89,985 square feet of remodels in the existing hospital – involved the same design and construction project team that built the original facility. Because of the early involvement of all the participants and the Integrated Project Delivery contract structure, there were particular team synergies that supported progressive use of VDC and BIM to improve the project.   GH Phipps was able to integrate effectively with the structural engineer of record to advance detail reinforcing steel and embeds (Autodesk Customer Story), and we had early involvement from our MEP subcontractors to assist in designing and modeling their work early.  Using BIM to more effectively preplan and coordinate this work enabled us to maintain a very aggressive schedule while ensuring a high quality of work in place.  Other uses of BIM included development of a detailed site logistics model to better understand our construction work in the context of the overall medical campus, and a virtual wall mock-up that allowed us to review the constructability of the enclosure before we did the work in the field.