Colorado State Capitol Dome Restoration 

A few years after GH Phipps installed complex life safety and exiting systems in the Colorado State Capitol, we were back working on a new project with new challenges: shrouding the Dome in scaffolding and a white plastic scrim in order to repair and repaint the cast iron dome support system, and build a new dome roof on which a fresh layer of gold leaf could be applied. This project, to be completed in late summer 2014, had particular complexities related to site logistics and staging, putting in place a phased scaffold system to access the restoration work up through the very top of the dome.  The development of a detailed logistics and staging model allowed the project team to more effectively plan and coordinate the restoration work.  In order to reconcile variances between the documents and the field conditions, the team also utilized laser scanning technology to exactly determine existing conditions.  The point cloud and resulting Revit model were used to more specifically design the entire scaffold system – information that can be further leveraged by the owner for any future work on the dome.